My lips are dry and my heart is racing and he’s not even here yet. This guy. I’ve spent twenty months lusting after him. He’s post-doctoral fellow in my psychophysiology lab. He’s tall. He’s blond. He’s English. He’s a rock climber, for crying out loud. And he graduated from Cambridge University’s MB/Ph.D. program when he was only twenty-six […]

We do it again in the morning. Compared with last night, it’s quiet, calm, simple. We wake up and it’s as if we’re already in the middle of it. The first thing I’m aware of is my desire to have him inside me again, and the next thing I’m aware of is his erection pressing […]

He leaves me standing next to the bed, to pull the curtains. Instantly the room is in almost total darkness, with only cracks of late afternoon sun sneaking through breaks in the curtains. While my eyes are still adjusting to the dark, he stands before me and brushes my hair from my face. “I don’t […]


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