My lips are dry and my heart is racing and he’s not even here yet. This guy. I’ve spent twenty months lusting after him. He’s post-doctoral fellow in my psychophysiology lab. He’s tall. He’s blond. He’s English. He’s a rock climber, for crying out loud. And he graduated from Cambridge University’s MB/Ph.D. program when he was only twenty-six […]

My oral defense is not a formal part of my degree requirements. Professor Smith has her undergrad research assistants do it as practice for grad school defenses, but there’s nothing really at stake. I mean, nothing apart from standing up in front of faculty and peers and talking about the project in which you’ve invested […]

It’s been raining for three days now, and I’m on my way to rehearse my thesis defense with Charles. This situation is nerve wracking for any number of reasons, but I can name at least five: (1)   Holy fuck. My thesis defense is only a week away. (2)   Holy fuck. Charles. The Thing. I’m totally sure we […]


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