My lips are dry and my heart is racing and he’s not even here yet. This guy. I’ve spent twenty months lusting after him. He’s post-doctoral fellow in my psychophysiology lab. He’s tall. He’s blond. He’s English. He’s a rock climber, for crying out loud. And he graduated from Cambridge University’s MB/Ph.D. program when he was only twenty-six […]

The next thing I know, it’s Monday morning. I’ve been woken by the sound of the shower. Ah, shit. On the bright side, I got like nine hours of sleep – but on the dark side, it’s Monday morning, which means Charles has work and I have to wait all day for fourth base. I hear the […]

Sunday morning I learn how complicated it is to split my attention between the sensation of Charles’ tongue and mouth on my genitals and the sensation of my mouth and tongue on his genitals. Charles wakes me up with his mouth on my clit and rolls me on top of him. I kiss and suck […]


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